Lice and Fleas and Pins Worms, Oh My!

As a parent of three boys, I learn so many things that I likely wouldn’t have, had I chosen to not have children.  Some of the things I learn are wonderful.  Like how to get down on my stomach and really look, I mean REALLY LOOK at a how slow a slug moves across a […]

Number Two

Ok, so I’m gonna go “there”.  Because I have put it off long enough.  No honest Mom blog can go for long without this topic coming up.  What made me really want to write about this is that no matter how old my kids are getting, the topic of “the poop” never seems to go […]

An argument for cloth diapers…

It has been about three years since I last used cloth diapers, but I have to say, in doing research for this article, seeing all the pictures of those cute little cloth diapers made me kind of nostalgic.  I know what you are thinking (especially if you are in the middle of “the diaper zone” […]