Soften Often

I was out watering in our front yard the other day, when a mini van full of little ones went by, with a lovely Mama in the chauffeur’s seat. What caught my eye with this particular van, was that there was a box of donuts riding on the roof. Clearly, in the scramble to get kids in car-seats, […]

It’s Christmas Mama!

Ah, Christmas! ‘Tis the season of over-stimulation, too many presents, and too much food.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas. I love real Christmas. A spiritual holiday celebrating the birth of baby Jesus in a manger, which brings families together to enjoy each others’ company and the general love and good cheer that is […]

It’s Loud in Here

Wowza!  Where have I been?  I have to apologize for being on a bit hiatus from this blog. I have been bumping down the rolling, rollicking rapids of our crazy life.  Bouncing off doctor’s appointments, play dates, hockey practices, dog walks, work, boot camp (more on THAT soon – look for title: ABS where ARE […]

Don’t be a Cow

Today, as I was sweeping up the disgusting pile of dust, Lego, dog hair and crumbs from under the playroom couch, I was tempted to take a picture of it for this blog.  As I was sweeping (in preparation to move the couch, which is what I do when I am supposed to be writing. […]

Another day of stellar parenting under my belt…

I have to admit, that I am not at my sharpest this week.  I have one of my old girlfriends here visiting with her two kids, so we have had a few late nights, and really full days.  So, when you read this post, cut me a little slack. Yesterday we pulled the kids out […]

French Toast, Felony and Lost Boys

This morning I fully expected my neighbour to call the police.  I was cooking french toast (yes, really…I know…awesome Mom). I had the windows in the kitchen and bedrooms open to let fresh air in. It was 6:54 AM.  The neighbour was taking his garbage out, and looked up at our house, shocked, as he […]

Number Two

Ok, so I’m gonna go “there”.  Because I have put it off long enough.  No honest Mom blog can go for long without this topic coming up.  What made me really want to write about this is that no matter how old my kids are getting, the topic of “the poop” never seems to go […]