Soften Often

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I was out watering in our front yard the other day, when a mini van full of little ones went by, with a lovely Mama in the chauffeur’s seat. What caught my eye with this particular van, was that there was a box of donuts riding on the roof. Clearly, in the scramble to get kids in car-seats, and sippy cups handed out, coffee placed in holder and seat-belts on, the donuts were forgotten.

So,as the van climbed the hill in front of my house, donut box clinging for life, I chuckled.   I wondered to myself how long had they been up there, and how long would it take for that busy Mama to realize her donuts were missing.

My heart went out to this Mom.  Because I knew the donuts probably wouldn’t make it all the way to their final destination. Because if they did, she would sit for a moment and flush with embarrassment at her forgetfulness, as she wondered how many people saw her driving around with donuts on her roof.  Or worse, maybe those donuts were a rare treat for a financially strapped family.  Maybe it was going to be a big treat for her kids soccer team.  I wish I could have helped her.  But she passed before I had a chance.

The scene made me reflective. How many times have I driven off with my skirt hanging out the door of my van, or the words “poo” written by tiny, silly, fingers in the dust on the side of our dirty van?  How many people have chuckled as I walked down the supermarket aisle with a yogurt hand-print on the back of my shirt, or baby vomit on my shoulder?

My point is, as parents, so busy, so focused on caring for, and loving our children, we sometimes forget.  We sometimes walk out of the house with barely a glance at ourselves in the mirror.

So it is the good and right thing, when you see another Mom or Dad, with donuts on their roof, or “something” dripping down the back of their inside-out shirt, soften your heart, have compassion (or better, try to help them), and remember that perfection is only found in the love and empathy we show to one another.

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