Hey Christmas…see ya later!


The boys are asleep, the smell of turkey and just-blown-out candles is lingering in the air.  I am (happily) 3/4 of the way through a bottle of Prosecco, and the mosh-pit of toys and gift wrap is jammed away in the garage, to be dealt with on a new day.

Christmas: The conclusion.


I really do love it all – the preparations and anticipation of the holidays, and the after-glow of good meals, and fun times.  Or is that just sweat from SO MUCH WORK?!  And by “fun times” I mean over-tired kids, hopped up on too much sugar and adrenaline from opening WAY too many presents, fighting with each other over who’s Lego Chima toy is in the dog’s mouth.

Yup, it is right about now, at 9:00pm on Christmas night as I sit down in a silent house,  that I breathe a HUGE sigh of relief, and start thinking about taking the tree down, cleaning the Christmas decorations out of the house, and getting ready for a fresh, uncluttered New Year.  I am done with the busy-ness of Christmas.

It must be the control-freak in me, but I can only handle Christmas tchotchke for so long.  The Christmas village on the window sill suddenly looks so strange and tacky.  Did I put that there?  What was I thinking?

The Christmas tree, that yesterday I thought looked like the most beautiful thing in the world, is now enemy #1 because it is dropping needles all over the place and taking up half the living room.

Eggnog has lost it’s appeal.  In fact, I don’t even want to look at the container in the fridge anymore.   It will probably stay at the back of the fridge now until it dries up into a yellow slab at the bottom of the container.

The smell of cinnamon, cardamon and balsam doesn’t set me off singing “Winter Wonderland” like it did this time last week.

I am a little tired of reminding my children that Christmas isn’t about getting “stuff”.   I am weary from the amount of times I have told them things like “there are some kids that would be happy just to have the bow on top of that present!!! So stop complaining!!!”.   I have become my Dad (which is weird, because I am a woman…but I say stuff that sounds just like him all the time now.)

I have stepped through the Christmas exit door.  And I’m glad for normal days again.

I just switched the “Cozy Cabin Christmas” playlist on Songza.com to “One-Hit-Wonders of the 80’s “.  My husband is packing away the remaining 8lbs of turkey into the freezer (because I can’t even look at food right now).

And I think I might just finish that bottle of Prosecco off, as I peer down a short,clutter-free , hope-loaded, road to the new year.




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