My face is starting to droop

dreaded aging vintage images

I am looking for lotion. I’ve noticed lately, that when I tell people I am forty, they don’t say “Impossible! You can’t possibly be forty! You don’t look a day past 32!” anymore. So, I guess it’s time to stop using the $2 Jergen’s body lotion on my face, and really shell out for the good stuff.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve used fancy schmancy face products before, but only because I liked the smell – not because I NEEDED to! Now it’s an emergency.  It’s like waking up the morning of an exam and realizing you didn’t study. What kind of shellac do I need to make up for 20 years of denial that I would ever get jowls like a hound dog?? I think I am getting jowls, and I know I am getting wrinkles, and I’ve noticed lately my (gasp) neck gets caught on the collar of my raincoat, which is something new. It’s like I am a wax figure, and I just got nudged a little closer to the heat lamp.

Laughter is great for your silly-slooping-Mama face, so visit for unique baby clothes for girls and boys that will get you and your wee ones giggling in no time.  Smile wrinkles are a badge of success!

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