Maple Cookies

IMG_3035Whenever I have to get something done, the first thing I do is look for something else to do. Today, when I got home from a walk in the pouring west coast rain, I faced a laundry pile the size of Newfoundland. On my way from the muck room to the laundry room, searching for something, anything other than laundry to do, I made a detour via the maple leaf cookies. Yummiest. Cookies. Ever. I am usually a homemade cookie girl, but these maple cookies take me back to 1978, when eating cookies was all about eating cookies and not about procrastinating or suppressing some urge to run away to Paris and abandon my family. Kidding of course, I would never abandon my boys – the big one and the little ones. I love my family so much, but some days, my housewife-y duties drive me straight to the Maple Cookies – you know what I mean? So anyway, I was eating maple cookies today, and I ate two, then realized I was still feeling weak, so I ate one more (cookie count = three). At that point, I decided to check the nutritional info on the box. To my delight, it told me that a “serving size” was two cookies, and since I was at one serving and a half, I decided to eat one more cookie to round it out to two servings (cookie count = 4). Easier math that way, and made me feel like I had finished the project to completion.

What to do while you are munching those yummy Canadian cookies? Check out for the funniest, silliest and unique baby clothes this side of the Great Divide!

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